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Подборка устойчивых выражений с переводом:

after all – все таки
I knew it! After all, I was right!

all along – all the time все время, всегда
I knew about his little secret all along.

all ears – весь во внимание
I am all ears.

all of a sudden – неожиданно
All of a sudden, he refused to pay.

all the same -все равно, без разницы
If it’s all the same to you, let’s start at two.

all thumbs – неуклюжий, неумелый
He can’t fix anything, he’s all thumbs.

apple of discord – яблоко раздора
This question is an apple of discord in our family.

as a rule -как правило
As a rule, we offer a 5% discount.

as far as I am concerned – что касается меня, по моему мнению As far as I am concerned, both the book and the movie are good.

as for me/as to me -по моему мнению
As for me, you can rely on his support.

as well -тоже, также
He knows math, and physics as well.

at all -совсем (не)
He doesn’t know French at all. I dont like it at all.

at random – наугад, без плана
He chose those places at random.

at this point – на данном этапе
At this point, we can’t turn back
be about to -готов сделать
I was about to leave when you called

be after someone – настаивать, чтобы сделал
His mother is always after him to study.

be all in – очень устать
I’m all in, I’d better go to bed now.

be back on one’s feet – встать на ноги после трудного времени He’s back on his feet after a long period of debt and unemployment.

beat around the bush – ходить вокруг да около
Stop beating around the bush! Get to the point!

be beside oneself -быть вне себя от волнения, горя и др.
She was beside herself with worry

be better off – в лучшей ситуации (материально)
He’ll be better off with a new job.

be broke -быть “на мели” (без денег)
I spent all my money, I’m broke.

be hard on something /someone – не беречь что-то
My son is hard on shoes, they don’t last long with him. Life was pretty hard on Tom.

be high on one’s list -быть в начале списка нужных вещей
A new car is high on my list of priorities. A new TV is not high on my list.

be in charge of -быть ответственным за
He is in charge of marketing.

be in the red -быть убыточным
Our sales were in the red last year.

be into smth. -увлекаться чем-то
He is into computers. She is into sports.

bend over backwards -очень стараться
I bent over backwards to help her.

be on one’s way Я уже еду.
I’m on my way.

be on the safe side -на всякий случай
Take an extra key, just to be on the safe side.

be out of -нет в наличии
We are out of bread, cheese, and sugar.

be out of shape – быть не в форме
He needs to exercise, he is out of shape.

be out of sorts -не в духе
Leave him alone, he’s out of sorts today

be pressed for time / money -не хватать времени или денег
I’m pressed for time now. We are pressed for money at the moment.

beside the point – не по существу, не относится к делу
What I said to him privately is beside the point.

be to blame -винить за ошибку, неправильные действия
Who is to blame for this awful mistake? Tom is to blame for this mix-up.

be touch and go – на грани; неясно, куда повернется
He was very sick, and for some time it was touch and go, but he is better now.

be up against – иметь серьезные проблемы в чем-то, с чем-то Our company is up against serious attempts of hostile takeover.

be up and around/about -встать на ноги, поправиться
He was sick for a month, but now he is up and around.

be up to one’s ears – по уши
I’m up to my ears in work.

be up to something – задумать, затеять
I have to check what the kids are up to.

be up to someone -на ваше усмотрение, под вашу ответственность
It’s up to you to decide. It’s up to you to close the office every day at 8 o’clock.

be used to – быть привычным к
I’m used to hard work. He’s used to heat.

big shot – важная персона
He is a big shot around here.

bite off more than one can chew -переоценить свои силы
I couldn’t handle two jobs and family. I really bit off more than I could chew.

bite one’s tongue – прикусить язык
I almost told her, but bit my tongue.

bite the dust – умереть, падать ниц
Many of them bit the dust in that war.

black sheep – паршивая овца
Their second son is the black sheep of the family, he is good for nothing.

blind date -свидание вслепую
She refuses to go on a blind date again because she had bad experience.

blow it – потерять шанс
He understood that he blew it.

blow over – стихнуть, пройти
Wait here till his anger blows over.

bottom line -итог, основной момент
The bottom line is, I don’t have enough money.

break into – ворваться (в дом) силой
The police broke into the robber’s house
break one’s heart – разбить сердце
The news of her death broke his heart.

break the ice – сломать неловкость при знакомстве
The party was dull until someone broke the ice with a joke and we all laughed.

break the news – сообщить важную новость
CNN is breaking the news right now.

bring home the bacon – обеспечить семью
He works very hard at several places to bring home the bacon.

brush off -отмахнуться от
The boss brushed off my project again.

brush up on -освежить в памяти
You need to brush up on the tenses.

by all means -обязательно, конечно
Do you need my help? – By all means.

by heart – наизусть
Learn this poem by heart for tomorrow.

by hook or by crook -любым путем, любым способом
She will get what she wants by hook or by crook.

by the way -кстати
By the way, Ann is coming back today.

call a spade a spade -называть вещи своими именами
He always tells the truth and calls a spade a spade.

call it a day – считать работу законченной
We’ve been working for 10 straight hours. Let’s call it a day.

call off – отменить, отозвать
The police called off the search.

carry out -доводить до конца
She never carries out her plans.

carry weight -иметь вес
His advice always carries weight here.

cast down -повергнуть в уныние
He was cast down by the bad news.

castles in the air – (строить) воздушные замки
Instead of working hard, he spends time building castles in the air.

catch one’s eye -привлечь внимание
This picture caught my eye.

catch one’s breath -перевести дух
I can’t run, I need to catch my breath.

catch someone off guard -застать врасплох
He caught me off guard with his question.

catch someone red-поймать за руку, когда делал плохое
The manager caught the boy red-handed when he was stealing cigarettes.

catch up -догнать
He needs to catch up with the others.

close call – что-то плохое, что едва не случилось
The speeding car almost hit the man. That was really a close call.

come across -наткнуться на
I came across that article yesterday.

come down with -заболеть чем-то
I’m coming down with a cold.

come to one’s senses -взяться за ум, придти в себя
He finally came to his senses, started to work hard, and passed his exams.

come true -осуществиться
My dream came true when I met Pat.

come up with -предложить
Mike came up with a brilliant idea.

count on -рассчитывать на
You can always count on me for help.

cut corners -срезать углы; ограничить расходы
He ran fast, cutting corners where he could. I have to cut corners this week.

cut down on -сократить потребление
You have to cut down on chocolate.

cut out to be /cut out for it -быть созданным для какой-то работы
She isn’t cut out to be a surgeon. He’s cut out to be a leader.

do one’s best -сделать все, что смог
I did my best to help him in his work.

do one’s bit -сделать положенное
I’ll do my bit, you can count on me.

do over -сделать заново
This work is not good, do it over.

do someone good -принести пользу
Fresh air and exercise will do you good.

do something behind one’s back -делать (вредные) дела за спиной
I hate people who do things behind my back. He did it behind my back again.

do without – обходиться без
I’ll have to do without a car for a while.

down to earth -приземленный
He’s quiet, sensible and down to earth.

draw the line – ограничить (предел)
He drew the line for her at $100 a day.

dress up – нарядиться
What are you dressed up for?

drop off -подвезти до, подбросить до
Can you drop me off at the bank?

drop out – быть отчисленным
He dropped out of school last year.

duty calls -долг обязывает
He said, “Duty calls” and left for work.

easier said than done легче сказать, чем сделать
It’s easier said than done, but I’ll try to do it.

eat one’s words -брать назад слова
He had to eat his words after her report.

even so тем не менее
I work hard. Even so, I like my job.

every now and then время от времени
Every now and then I visit my old aunt.

every other -через один
She washes her hair every other day.

fall behind -отстать от
The little boy fell behind the older boys.

fall in love – влюбиться
Tom fell in love with Sue at first sight.

fall out of love -разлюбить
They fell out of love and divorced soon.

false alarm – ложная тревога
I heard he quit but it was a false alarm.

a far cry from something -далеко не такой хороший, как
His second book wasn’t bad, but it was a far cry from his first book.

feel it in one’s bones – чувствовать, что случится плохое
Something bad is going to happen, I feel it in my bones.

feel like doing something -быть склонным к занятию чем-то
I feel like going for a walk. I dont feel like working now, Im tired.

feel up to -в состоянии сделать
I don’t feel up to cleaning the house.

few and far between – слишком редкие
Her visits are few and far between.

find fault with -критиковать
He always finds faults with everybody.

find out – узнать, обнаружить
I found out that Maria left town.

firsthand – из первых рук, достоверная информация
You can trust it, it’s firsthand information.

first things first -сначала главное
First things first: how much money do we have to pay right away?

fly off the handle – разозлиться (вдруг)
He flew off the handle and yelled at me.

follow in someone’s footsteps – идти по чьим-то следам, делать то же
Igor followed in his father’s footsteps, he became a doctor, too.

foot in the door -получить шанс на работу
Nina got a foot in the door because her friend works in that company.

foot the bill -заплатить по счету
Her father footed the bill for the party.

for good – навсегда
After her death, he left town for good.

for the time being -на данное время
For the time being, this house is all right for us
frame of mind – умонастроение
I can’t do it in this frame of mind.

from A to Z – от начала до конца
He knows this town from A to Z.

from now on – впредь
From now on, I forbid you to go there.

get a grip on oneself – контролировать свои чувства
Stop crying! Get a grip on yourself!

get along with -быть в хороших отношениях, ладить
Ann gets along with most coworkers, but doesn’t get along with Laura.

get away with -уйти от наказания
The police didn’t find the thief. He got away with his crime.

get carried away – слишком увлечься чем-то
He got carried away with opening a store and lost most of his money.

get cold feet -побояться сделать
I wanted to try it but got cold feet.

get even with -расквитаться с кем-то
I’ll get even with him for everything!

get in touch with – связаться с кем-то
Get in touch with Mr. Smith for help.

get lost – потерять дорогу
She got lost in the old part of town.

Get lost! -Исчезни!
I don’t want to see you again. Get lost!

get mixed up -перепутать
I got mixed up, went the wrong way and got lost.

get off one’s back -отстать от кого-то
Stop bothering me! Get off my back!

get on one’s high horse – вести себя высокомерно
Every time I ask her to help me with typing, she gets on her high horse.

get on (the bus, train, plane) сесть на (транспорт)
I got on the bus on Oak Street.

get off (the bus, train, plane) сойти с (транспорта)
I got off the bus at the bank.

get out of hand – выйти из-под контроля
If he gets out of hand again, call me right away.

get over – поправиться, преодолеть что-то
I can’t get over how rude he was to me. She got over her illness quite quickly.

get rid of -избавиться
He got rid of his old useless car.

get together – собираться вместе
My friends and I get together often.

get to the bottom -добраться до сути
He usually gets to the bottom of things.

get to the point – дойти до сути дела
Get to the point!

Give me a break! – с меня хватит

Come on, stop it! Give me a break!
give someone a hand -Can you give me a hand with cooking?

give someone a lift /a ride – подвезти кого-то
Can you give me a lift to the bank? He gave her a ride in his new Porsche.

give someone a piece of one’s mind – высказать, что на уме, критиковать
She lost my umbrella again, so I gave her a piece of my mind about her carelessness.

give up -отказаться от чего-то, прекратить попытки
I gave up smoking. I gave up trying to fix my old car.

go back on ones word – нарушить свое слово, обещание
First he said he would help me, but then he went back on his word.

go for it -пробовать новое дело
If I were you, I would go for it.

go from bad to worse – be worse становиться все хуже His business went from bad to worse.
go out – go to parties, movies пойти развлекаться Do he and his wife go out often?
go out of one’s way -try very hard очень стараться He goes out of his way to please her.
go to one’s head – make too proud успех вскружил голову His acting success went to his head.
go to pieces – get very upset, fall apart сильно расстроиться She went to pieces when she heard it.
go with the flow – lead quiet life плыть по течению She always goes with the flow.
grow on someone – become liked постепенно понравиться When she knew him more, he grew on her.
had better – should лучше бы, а то You look ill, you’d better see a doctor.
have a ball – have a good time отлично провести время Yesterday we had a ball at the party.
have a bone to pick – complain or discuss something unpleasant иметь счеты с кем-то, претензии к кому-то Mr. Brown, I have a bone to pick with you. My mail was lost because of you.
have a word with someone – talk to поговорить о чем-то Can I have a word with you?
have words with someone – argue with someone about something крупно поговорить I had words with my coworker today because he used my computer again.
have it in him – have the ability иметь нужные качества Laura has it in her to be a good doctor.
have no business doing something – have no right to do нечего вам здесь делать, быть и др. You have no business staying here without my permission.
have one’s back to the wall – be hard-pressed, on the defensive быть прижатым к стене I had no choice, I had my back to the wall.
have one’s hands full – very busy быть очень занятым He has his hands full with hard

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